The first concrete to go in on a job site is a big deal. The footings for the lower level, various landscape walls, a fountain and bench, were poured by Solid Concrete in the middle of July on a really gorgeous day.  I was surprised at how many people were there working away to make this successful.

The arrival of the concrete truck is exciting for everyone because it doesn’t happen every day, even for concrete sub-contractors.  There were several trucks – they are sequenced carefully.  The concrete itself is provided by the concrete sub-contractor’s sub-contractor!

The in line pump got the concrete from the street to quite far back on the lot.  The man in charge of the pump used a remote control to manage the output.  As soon as the concrete is pumped, it must be vibrated to get rid of air bubbles.  Then the top is smoothed.  The concrete takes a few days to set.

I really like the wooden bridge that was built to create safer access to the work area.  Our lot has a slope and the front half will remain dirt and this bridge makes working much easier.

Clean up on the street is an always for Solid Concrete.  They see the importance of tidying up and not only do we appreciate it but so do the neighbors.

In the circus the location where the tent is set up each day is called “the lot”.  It becomes home to the show.  I love that Bob and I have a “lot” to go to each day and see our future home taking shape.  While completely different, I find both “lots” to be absolutely captivating.