On the Friday after July 4th Bob spent the day “laying out” the house with Rick, one of the owners of Solid Concrete, and their crew.  The footings had already been dug at this point – the task was to locate the house again (as the points previously located had shifted when the soil was moved around). The process is time consuming and requires patience – each point must be measured carefully and accurately.  It was cool to see where our house will actually be. I took the morning off to watch and take photos.  I loved seeing Bob work in a way he used to a lot when he was a foundation contractor.  He of course enjoyed being in the field again.  A new laser tool helped make a familiar process a little easier, but the actual corners are still located using a good old “plumb bob” which is a pointed weight.

There are also a few photos of the bench going in the back garden – it will be made of concrete and these photos show the rebar starting to be put together.

Most of the time we see the lot after work or on the weekends when no one is there.  It is more exciting and vibrant when the lot is alive with people working.