This summer I traveled to Granville, which is located on the eastern border of gorgeous and lush Washington County, New York. Also known as the "Colored Slate Capital of the World,” the town has quarries that mine slate in lots of colors such as green, gray black, purple, mottled green and purple, and red.

My father’s circus is always colorful and fun to see, and feels so intimate under the beautiful Big Top.  This season’s show includes seven tigers, a liberty act featuring three camels and three zebras, a beautiful single trapeze act, a Norwegian ventriloquist, a Mongolian contortionist.  If that isn’t exciting enough – one can’t help but be charmed by Anna Louise the dancing elephant! The show was set up on a grassy lot next to a school’s softball field and the weather was perfect.

This exciting live entertainment is mainly targeted towards families, but going to a Kelly Miller show awakens the child in all of us.   Check out the schedule on their website for upcoming dates and see you at the circus!

* Photography by Rick Purdue
* Here’s the link for more info!