Annually the San Francisco Design Center hosts Design San Francisco to bring together interior designers, artists, manufacturers and visionaries of the design community.  Of the lectures I attended this year, the keynote presentation “Future Shaper” was a highlight. 

Jennifer Dunlop Fletcher, SFMOMA chief curator of Architecture and Design, discussed the museum’s expansion and reopening on May 14th.  It was interesting to learn how the museum considers and facilitates the display of each artist’s medium.  For instance; is the art piece made to disintegrate or should it always be kept pristine?  Can it be easily replaced or is it one of a kind?  As the museum contextualizes artwork for visitor interface and experience, they also are responsible for the lifetime of the item on display.    

I have often considered the parallels between homes and museums.  Every home is an envelope of architecture and an interior filled with a family’s own curated selection of objects.  Each household makes decisions on the context, permanence, and collection display of their belongings.  These photos from the Northbrook Design portfolio show a range of personal “art installations”.

Design explores a sinuous relationship between user, creator, function, economy and aesthetic.  In a similar manner to museums, through our home acquisitions we shape the future of individual and global creativity.     

Blog post by Mary Jones