I have taken a lot of ceramics classes. Working with clay is really rewarding and challenging. At every step in the process there is something new to consider both technically and aesthetically. There are a lot of unknowns (particulary for the novice) to experience along the way, something I am not gifted in accepting readily.

The dining pendant selection for the future Greatroom in our new home was recently completed. Jaklyn who works with me at Northbrook said one day “THIS is the fixture that represents YOU and what you love and is also a functional dining pendant!” So here it is.

Los Angeles based Lesley Anton is a gifted ceramicist with LOTS of talent, represented in San Francisco at the DeSousa Hughes showroom. She designs and makes gorgeous, eco-friendly ceramic light fixtures for the interior design trade. She has sent me some test samples of what I asked about and we have had some fun back and forth conversations via phone and email. Lesley has gone out of her way to work on this piece being perfect for the space. The 13 shades will be made out of black mountain clay. Each one will have a green glazed interior, and white shiny exterior. Our fixture will be smaller than the example shown. The photo titled “glaze options” was taken by Lesley. To see more of Lesley’s designs go to

So thank you Jaklyn and thank you Lesley!