On beautiful days in the summer, our view is spectacular.  Going by the job site and seeing the coastal range and trees reminds me why we are doing all of this!

The wall forms are progressing.  The work takes time and cannot be rushed.  That was hard to write as I am not a very patient person. One side of Bathroom 3’s wall is formed.  The wood planks are so pretty.  While this is happening, the wood structure for Bedroom 3 is started.  It is exciting to see the walls take shape.

The “finished grade” is the exterior surface we will walk on in it’s final state – at it’s proper “height”.  For now the site is in an excavation phase, so the surface we walk on is below grade.  It is hard to picture what it will feel like when the site gets backfilled and we are walking on something closer “to grade”.  That photo of the pen mark on a wall is the BBQ wall.

In the BBQ wall there are outlets, a j-box for a light fixture, switches and gas lines.  All have to be precisely located as poured concrete is quite final – not a lot of give once it has cured!

The retaining walls have cool ramps to walk along, and so do the board form house walls.

Around this time we see the first wall uncovered – the color came out so well and we love the finished surface – definitely an A+ result.  This is the East retaining wall which we will walk by when we exit the downstairs exterior door at the base of the interior stairs.