Katherine North Carroll

I was raised by Americans in rugged Western Ireland. With Ringling as my original middle name, fantastical stories enriched my childhood & our family tent circus today is just as bright & colorful. I studied in Switzerland, New Mexico & Chicago. These cultures & terrains are part of me & make Interior Design the perfect diverse field for me. The Bay Area is home. I love its innovation, beauty, traditional & modern style, interesting people & casual living. Northbrook Design opened in 1999. Projects include three San Francisco Showcase rooms; homes in Alaska, New York, & Oklahoma; hotels in Pebble Beach, New York & San Francisco & Harding Park Club House. I am a guest critic for UC Berkeley & FIDM’s interiors programs.

Ideas are my thing. I generate them all day every day. They often start when I first hear each Client’s unique story. I listen carefully & check out the person’s living or work space for visual cues. Next, ideas materialize of the many possibilities the Client & I have to design their environment. Function then shapes space & furniture plans. My creativity continues in tactile elements: grouping silhouettes in furnishings, assembling fabrics & materials palettes, seeing new products, studying the quality of light. How cool that each project ends in a beautiful tangible result!

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