Katherine North Carroll

I was raised by Americans in rugged Western Ireland. With Ringling as my original middle name, fantastical stories enriched my childhood & our family tent circus today is just as bright & colorful. I studied in Switzerland, New Mexico & Chicago. These cultures & terrains are part of me & make Interior Design the perfect diverse field for me. The Bay Area is home. I love its innovation, beauty, traditional & modern style, interesting people & casual living. Northbrook Design opened in 1999. Projects include three San Francisco Showcase rooms; homes in Alaska, New York, & Oklahoma; hotels in Pebble Beach, New York & San Francisco & Harding Park Club House. I am a guest critic for UC Berkeley & FIDM’s interiors programs.


Ideas are my thing. I generate them all day every day. They often start when I first hear each Client’s unique story. I listen carefully & check out the person’s living or work space for visual cues. Next, ideas materialize of the many possibilities the Client & I have to design their environment. Function then shapes space & furniture plans. My creativity continues in tactile elements: grouping silhouettes in furnishings, assembling fabrics & materials palettes, seeing new products, studying the quality of light. How cool that each project ends in a beautiful tangible result!

Mary Jones

Growing up in a military family meant a history of relocating. Endless conversations of the “family” dream house had Mary cutting out concept images, designing floor plans and selecting materials from an early age. She attended Ringling College of Art and Design and received a BFA in Interior Design. While there, she was awarded the prestigious Angelo Donghia Foundation scholarship.

Mary moved to San Francisco on a whim in 2006 from the East Coast; the California lifestyle was calling. She is a Senior Designer and Project Manager at Northbrook Design with a decade of experience working at high-end residential design firms in San Francisco and New York. Outside of work, she enjoys being with her family, active at the beach and painting landscapes.

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