Over the summer of 2014, Yi-Ling joined Northbrook as an intern. She is studying interior architecture at UC Berkeley Extension. Her portfolio of school projects certainly impressed us, and her interest in specialty coffee is great fun.

Yi-Ling works at the Mint Plaza location of Blue Bottle in San Francisco. They are known for the buttery soft Belgium waffles and savory poached eggs dishes, as well as for freshly roasted coffee beans and unique seasonal pastries.

In addition to the basic espresso drinks and individual pour-overs, this Blue Bottle location also serves up the fascinating siphon coffee (you can see Yi-Ling captured in action). “Everyone always muses over how it looks like a science experiment”, she shares.

The cafe is housed inside a historical building. While the square footage is limited, the high ceiling and big windows and minimal decor create a great sense of space. The espresso house blend is called “17ft Ceiling.”

With Yi-Ling on the team, we have learned a lot about coffee. At the Northbrook Design off-site office retreat in December 2014, the gift exchange was coffee-themed!